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Blackhawk  Energy, LLC was formed in 2008 for the purpose of exploring, acquiring  and producing oil and gas properties in western Kentucky.  Primarily  operating in Muhlenberg, Christian, Todd & Butler Counties,  Blackhawk currently operates approximately 60 wells on 20 separate  leases.   

Blackhawk currently operates and owns both oil &  natural gas wells and operates several Secondary Recovery  Waterflood Projects.

Current acreage Held By Production is in excess of 15,000 acres.

Illinois Basin

The  Illinois Basin is a 54,000 square mile spoon shaped depression that  extends from Mid-Western Illinois through parts of Indiana and south to  the Kentucky-Tennessee State Line.  Oil & Gas Operations have been  ongoing for the past 100 years and well over One-Billion Barrels of Oil  have been produced.  Oil & Natural gas produced from the New Albany  Shale is expected to be the next boom from the Mid-Continent Area.